Sunday, October 7, 2012

Menu Plan Monday-October 2012 (Week 2)

Here we are heading into the second week of October and it's getting CHILLY!! My heat finally kicked on about two nights ago when the temperature dropped into the 30s, so at least we're staying toasty inside.

You'll notice some more fall-inspired meals on the menu this week (soup!), as well as some that we didn't get to last week (that happens often here-does that happen to you too?). I'm also still including lots of salad!  I love to eat salad all year round but I do eat more cabbage salads in the winter because they are hearty, last forever in your fridge and go so well with Asian-style dressings (which I love). Cabbage is also full of good nutrition too.

You'll also notice lots of breakfast food!  If you haven't been a reader long, you'll quickly find out we are totally breakfast lovers here!  I usually make mostly hot breakfasts almost every morning, including pancakes (fave!), eggs and toast, oatmeal, cream of wheat, granola and oatmeal smoothies.

If you are new this week, recipes that are already on the blog have been linked. The rest will appear within a short time, pending family approval!

October Menu (Week 2)
Creamy Caprese Pasta
steamed broccoli
Grilled Tuscan Panzanella

Quinoa Sliders w/ avocado
leftover Panzanella and veggies
Bean Curry
Thai Coconut Rice

Thai Chicken Salad

Yellow Split Pea and Sweet Potato Soup w/ Pepitas

Ginger-Garlic Salmon
Asian Cabbage

Pesto Pizza with Butternut Squash (this may change, but I do have pesto to use up)

Other things we'll be having:
Cherry Almond Granola
Homemade Burger Buns (whole wheat and slider size)
Grilled Apple Pie Breakfast Stack
Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies
Orange Dark Chocolate Pancakes
Snickers Pancakes

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