Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Faves, Part 3

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday.

Ok, here's the last of my favorites from 2010.

Berry Cheesecake Ice Cream-This ice cream is amazing and wonderful and delicious. I love the layers of flavor and texture here; tastes just like real cheesecake.

Pumpkin Pancakes with Pumpkin Maple Syrup-I know this is the third pancake recipe in the "faves" but my life is not complete without pancakes and I love pumpkin. Need I say more?

Peanut Butter White Chocolate Popcorn-A simple, easy treat that tastes divine! This is great in goodie bags or for a game night.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies-My absolute favorite cookie recipe and my go-to recipe whenever I get a hankering.

Pesto Panini-I absolutely love the flavor of fresh basil, so naturally basil pesto is a big hit in my book. This sandwich is really easy to throw together and has lots of great flavor.

Ham and Swiss Sliders-I can't believe how tasty these little sandwiches are. They are perfect for entertaining a crowd or just your belly.

What recipes have you tried from the Sweet Luvin' blog? What are some you hope to try?

I hope you've enjoyed a little reminiscing of the past year's cooking adventures. I'm excited to see what 2011 brings to the Sweet Luvin' blog.


  1. These look amazing!!! I'm going to try your crockpot tamales! I'm so excited!

  2. I wish I could have listed more favorites but it would have been too long. Those tamales are so good! Good luck making them.

  3. Drool. I missed several of these as a new follower. Thanks for pointing them out.

    Kristi @
    Veggie Converter

  4. I've got a couple of your top recipes on my January menu plan! Yahoo! Can't wait to try them!

  5. Hey, I just made pumpkin pancakes today using your same recipe. It was excellent and my family really enjoyed it.

  6. Lisa, I'm glad they enjoyed them!


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