Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Menu

Where has the time gone? Is it really October already? I'm actually very thrilled. I love the fall, the many colored leaves, the cooler weather and all the yummy food that comes with it. I have been chomping at the bit to start baking with pumpkin, one of my most favorite flavors of fall. I picked up a couple of sugar pumpkins at the store the other day to make my own puree, which I'll be using in a couple of yummy recipes.

Another thing I love about fall is making a big pot of soup and serving it with homemade bread. Last month I didn't make any new soups, but I have 2 new ones to try this month as well as a couple old favorites.

Here's a rundown of what I've planned for the month. I've linked the dishes that are repeats and that I have already posted. I'll be posting the others as I make them.

Brown Sugar Bourbon Pork (freeze half) with Mexican Cornbread and Smashed Pinto Beans
Asian Slaw with Ginger Lime Dressing and Eggplant Penne Pasta
Squash Ravioli & Broccoli
Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta & Peas
West African Veggie Stew

Manicotti Rolls w/ garlic bread and broccoli
Zucchini Spaghetti & Fresh Green Beans w/ Roasted Onions and Red Peppers
Pecan Apple Chicken Salad w/ brown rice
Chicken w/ Tarragon & Leeks
Mushroom Barley Soup

Fiesta Salad w/ brown rice
Butternut Squash Gnocchi w/ Sage Brown Butter & Peas
Leftover Brown Sugar Bourbon Pork, Mashed Sweet Potatoes w/ Orange Glaze & Walnuts, green beans
Honey Curry Chicken w/ Thai Coconut Rice
White Chicken Chili

Barbecue Chicken Bacon Pizza w/ Caramelized Onions, salad
Jambalaya & Broccoli
Chinese Chicken Salad & Pizza Puffs
Macaroni Grill’s Chicken Cannelloni
Split Pea Soup with Smoked Sausage and Greens

Other Goodies
Pumpkin Granola
Pumpkin Apple Butter Muffins
Pumpkin Pancakes w/ Pumpkin Maple Syrup
Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls
Coconut Cream Topped Brownies


  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your recipe blog. You are amazing. Your ww bread is now my favorite bread recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Kristi. I appreciate your feedback. I don't get much here, so it's good to know once in a while.

  3. Michele, I just discovered that you have this blog and I love it! Thanks for sharing your menu, I'm always looking for ideas! You are so talented!

  4. Hey, no prob. Hope you find some good things your family enjoys here. Enjoy!

  5. You rock, Michele. I admire all of this cooking you do, it's always different from the norm. Love that, I am going to snag a few recipes from you this month. Not that I haven't before, but fall cooking is the tops. I am especially excited for the butternut squash gnocchi.


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