Monday, February 8, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

I stumbled across Muffin Tin Mom's Muffin Tin Monday the other day when I was looking for fun apple-related things to do with my toddler. Let me just tell you this is a GEM! I love this idea. It's a great strategy for getting toddlers excited about eating. I'm sold!

We pretty much took her whole idea this time on the apple theme and here's what we came out with.

From the top, there's the apple slice with a worm sticking out (made the hole with a sturdy straw), the lady bug made from apple slices and chocolate chips (held on by peanut butter), peanut butter sandwich, an "apple tree" (I should have gotten a better shot of this), and skittles as the apples fallen from the tree. To make the tree, I used a piece of banana, stuck the pretzels on with a thin layer of peanut butter then stuck a little broccoli floret in the top. Michelle made hers a little different; to see what she did, see here.

Shelby absolutely loved this. She was so excited to eat it. She even told me thanks for a cool fun lunch. I was a little skeptical about her eating the broccoli, but when I wasn't looking, I saw her eating it all on her own! Yeah, Muffin Tin Monday was a hit and will be a new tradition in our house.

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  1. wow! you did a fantastic job recreating it! I love that you used a banana! PB and bananas go awesome together!


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