Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crock Pot Ham Beans

I thought this recipe deserved a re-post.  It has been on my blog since I began, in 2008, but didn't even have a photo or description of it!

This is one of my favorite childhood recipes I remember my mom making often. I'm not sure how often we had it with cornbread, at least until later in life, but either way if was one of our favorites.  Beans are incredibly easy to prepare and knock the socks off any commercially prepared beans if you ask me.  Whenever I buy a ham, I like to stick the bone in the freezer, making sure to leave some meat on it, so I can have it for these beans.  If you don't happen to have a ham or ham bone, you can usually get a ham bone, or ham hock, from your local butcher or in the deli section of your grocery store.

I love that these beans are made in the crockpot, for two reasons especially this summer.  First of all it so, so HOT!!  I don't know if I'm just not as tough or what but I am having a hard time dealing with the heat this year.  The other is that we now get out of church at 6pm on Sundays, and the crockpot seems to be the way to go.  These beans start long before church and are waiting for us as we walk in the door.

These beans go great with either rice or cornbread.  My hubby loves the rice, I love the cornbread so I usually make a little of each.  Try this Maple Cornbread or even this Skillet Cornbread if you don't have a favorite yet.

Crockpot Ham Beans
1 lb. red beans (pinto work too)
1 meaty ham bone
1 onion, large diced
salt and pepper
water or chicken stock

Soak beans in crock pot over night. (NOTE: I buy my beans in the bulk section of my grocery store.  They tend to be more fresh, so I don't soak them overnight.  They also cook up faster than those prepackaged.)  The next moring, drain beans and rinse.

Put beans back into crockpot; add ham bone, onion and enough water or broth to come about 2 inches above beans (Don't worry if ham bone sticks above water a bit.)

Cook on high about 2-3 hours, then on low for another 3-4, or until beans are tender.  Turn off crock pot and remove ham bone.  Pull off  any ham from bone and stick it back in with the beans.  Salt beans to taste and serve warm.

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