Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pesto and Fontina Grilled Cheese on Cranberry Walnut Loaf

On my last visit to Trader Joe's I came home with this delicious cranberry walnut artisan loaf.  I was drooling over it the whole ride home in the car and thinking of ways to eat it.  I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it.  Of course, the first couple of slices went straight into the toaster and got slathered with butter--a delicious midnight snack if you were wondering. BUT, I had to restrain myself and wait until the next day day for what I really had planned for it; a good helping of pesto and fontina cheese.

Ooey gooey cheese and delicious basil pesto couldn't go better together. One of the best comfort foods just got a little better!!

Pesto and Fontina Grilled Cheese on Cranberry Walnut Loaf
1 small cranberry walnut artisan loaf
basil pesto, prepared or homemade
fontina cheese, sliced
butter, softened

Slice bread into about 1/2"-3/4" slices. Preheat frying pan over medium high heat. Butter the outer side of one slice of bread and place in frying pan.  Spoon about 1-2 tablespoons pesto on the bread and layer with a couple of cheese slices; enough to cover the piece of bread.  Top with another slice of buttered bread, buttered slice facing out. 

Cook until underside is golden and crisp.  Flip sandwich and continue cooking until cheese is gooey and second side is also golden brown. Repeat with remaining bread, pesto and cheese, if desired.

Slice in half and serve warm.

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